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This FREE mini course is designed to help you get your spouse back. Your husband or wife has said your marriage is over and they’re ready to move on with their life. Where does this leave you? There are thousands of people in this exact crisis situation. You are not without hope and it's not too late to make a difference in your marriage.

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Fix Your Marriage

No gimmicks, just research-based principles that thousands of couples have used to fix their marriage. Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Beam Holmes give you the tools you need to turn your crisis around.

Stop Pushing Your Spouse Away

Learn how to come across to your partner as your best self—the person they fell in love with, at the beginning of your relationship.

Respond In A Calm And Gentle Way

We'll give you conversation starters and how to respond in a way that shows your true character, allowing you to become their safe place.

Attract Your Spouse Back To You

Get your spouse to fall back in love with you. This can only happen when you focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

What you'll learn

  • How to attract your spouse
  • How to find ways to talk to your spouse
  • How to avoid fights
  • How to convince your spouse that the marriage is worth saving
  • PLUS! When you sign up for the mini course, you can download a free copy of KeepTheFaith's relationship expert, Dr. Joe Beam's eBook "21 Irresistible Recipes for Couples: Putting Sizzle and Sanity Into Your Relationship."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dr. Joe Beam?
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An internationally known and respected sexologist and authority on love, marriage and sex. He received his PhD from the University of Sydney. He is the founder and chair of Marriage Helper based in Tennessee, just south of Nashville.

He has designed and developed courses, workshops and seminars to help troubled marriages for over two decades. He has been seen on nationwide media and spoken to countless couples through live seminars, dedicated radio programs and books. Joe is a regular contributor on KeepTheFaith, America's #1 family-friendly radio program heard on some 300 radio stations. Today he dedicates most of his time to researching and developing new ways to help couples in crisis. Old ways don’t always work in today’s human environment. You’ll agree that times have changed since your parents were married and your issues are not the same. Our approach to bringing back the passion and energy in a marriage is dynamic and effective.

Saving marriages is not an occupation for Dr. Beam. It is a mission – a mission that has consumed his heart for decades. “My original goal was to reduce divorce in this country by ten percent over a ten-year period,” explains Beam. “I came to realize that we couldn’t do this by only helping marriages in trouble. We had to educate couples to change the way they live so their marriage could be all it could be.” This type of broader thinking and the methodology used to deliver the message is having a huge impact on families today. By reaching beyond the mind and into the heart and soul of men and women, love finds new ways to allow couples to communicate and create a relationship that is aware but not conducive to divorce.

Seeing the results of his mission in multiplied thousands has not only strengthened Joe’s resolve but added even more momentum to the mission. Today, the popular idea that divorce is a fact of life is being challenged vigorously. Saving marriages is not a job, it’s an all-consuming passion and every marriage saved is a testimony that the mission can be accomplished.

Dr. Beam is the author of numerous books including the free e-book you get when you sign up for the Save My Marriage mini course titled "21 Irresistible Recipes for Couples."

Who is Kimberly Beam Holmes?
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Kimberly Beam Holmes is passionate about saving marriages and strengthening families.

During her six-year tenure as CEO of Marriage Helper, she has led the company to 6x financially and grown to more than 300,000 followers per month across multiple platforms. Because of their unique process, Marriage Helper has a 70 percent success rate in saving marriages.

A frequent speaker at women’s conferences and marriage events, Holmes holds a master’s degree and is currently completing her Ph.D. in Psychology. She co-hosts Relationship Radio, a Top 100 podcast in Apple’s Society and Relationships as well as hosting her own podcast on attraction which has received more than 275,000 downloads. She is also a regular contributor on KeepTheFaith, America's #1 family-friendly program heard on some 300 radio stations.

She lives in Tennessee with her husband of 11 years and her two children adopted from India.

What is the difference between the mini course, the master course and workshop?
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The Save My Marriage mini course is a free program offered at and hosted by Kimberly Beam Holmes and Dr. Joe Beam. It is designed to give you some quick tools to help you get your spouse back. The $399 master course is a 12-part video series plus a workbook and additional teachings by Dr. Joe Beam and is available for a discounted rate of just $149 (or 2-pay of $79) for a limited time only. The in-person 3-day workshop is for those wanting a live immersive experience to help save their marriage. If you would like more information, please send us an email at

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