Do you wish you could save your marriage even though your spouse is having an affair?

This affair recovery toolkit helps you understand why your spouse had an affair and what you can do to fix it. It will help you regain your composure, your strength and your dignity.

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This online video series will teach you to:

Regain Your Composure
Be Strong When Communicating
Focus On Bettering Yourself
Find Peace With The Situation

We Get It

We Understand Affairs Like No One Else

…So that you can stop the affair like no one else. First, we are so sorry that you are going through this. This is not a situation to be taken lightly. We want to help you. And even though it may not feel like it…there is hope for your situation.

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You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

It takes incredible strength to be where you are right now. You probably feel lost, confused, alone, and scared, but even though we don’t know you yet, we do know that you have what it takes to stand for your marriage with strength and confidence. We know that there is hope for your situation. We would like to help you save your marriage.

Learn The Principles

Understand Why Your Spouse Cheated

In this video series, you will learn the exact same principles that we have taught thousands and thousands of people over the past 20 years to help them understand why their spouse had an affair and what they can do to fix the situation… and you can learn it all 100% online, from the privacy of your home.

Positive Results

What Makes the Toolkit Work?

We have been saving marriages for 20 years and have worked with thousands of people. Unfortunately, when people don’t really understand how affairs work, the advice they give can make things worse instead of better.

My Spouse Had An Affair Toolkit

This recovery toolkit is a 7 part video series with an interactive workbook. Dr. Joe Beam explains what to do when you find out about the affair and what not to do going forward. If you want your marriage to recover from an affair, this toolkit is for you.

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